Lets encrypt ... How to update IP adddress?

Hi, using the lets encrypt addon from Home Assistant..
Setup a zone in google cloud dns ... done
Changed name servers on google cloud domains to use those from google cloud dns ... done
i run the lets encrypt add-on .. it creates a temp acme txt record , it creates me ssl files ... done

now, how can i update my public ip address? i believe i need to create an a record, can this be done with lets encrypt? Or do i need todo this manually? what if my public ip changes? do need to change again manually?

tnx for info

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Hi @pergolafabio and welcome to the LE community forum :slight_smile:

IP addresses are strictly handled by DNS.
LE has no control over your DNS.


yeah, i think i figured it out... i'm using in google domain, custom name servers... need to switch back to original settings and use dynamic dns

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