Let's Encrypt - Express - Typescript

I would like to use Let’s Encrypt in a NodeJS/Express server and use Typescript
I got a DefinitelyTyped definitions file for Express.
Is there such a file available for Let’s Encrypt ?
(I am not skilled enough in Typescript to conceive it by myself !)

Thanks for any help !

Hi @3Pi, this is something that would be done at the NodeJS level (and below, in the operating system). It is not something that would be configured in TypeScript, as far as I know, because it's a server issue.

There is an earlier thread talking about how to use Let's Encrypt with NodeJS:

Hello Schoen !
Using plain Javascript, and thanks to Let’s Encrypt Express I managed to use Let’s Encrypt in a NodeJS/Express server.

I would like to witch to Typescript, thus I need a definitions file. I got one for Express and for all other modules.
I would have to build one for Let’s Encrypt, but I am too new to Type script to create (and share) a complete one !
Maybe somebody had to it before me ? (none is availabe on DefinitelyTyped)

Thanks for your contribution…

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