Let's Encrypt doesn't see verification file on IIS

I tried to install a certificate on my IIS 10 using several clients, but haven’t succeeded.
For example, I have such issue during the process:

Challenge for service.-test-.ru requires:
A file ‘TGsvRtABbFbFUkez_NelZ9Ymo-jEVG734plRncuUy6E’ in ‘/.well-known/acme-challenge/’ with the text: TGsvRtABbFbFUkez_NelZ9Ymo-jEVG734plRncuUy6E.w2G5nlQgDhPEhrPcZcI7lP3FUci7JsS6fs3_Jsqunnk
When done, press

Here I created the file. and YES, I can see this file properly from the external computer through the internet. But let’s encrypt doesn’t.

2017/12/24 23:48:05 Domain verification results for ‘service.-test-.ru’: error. Fetching http://service.-test-.ru/.well-known/acme-challenge/TGsvRtABbFbFUkez_NelZ9Ymo-jEVG734plRncuUy6E: Timeout
2017/12/24 23:48:05 You can now delete the ‘TGsvRtABbFbFUkez_NelZ9Ymo-jEVG734plRncuUy6E’ file.
2017/12/24 23:48:05 All verifications failed.

How can I fix it?

Since you have hidden your real domain name, it is difficult to help you. Please tell us what the real domain name is.


for example, the file is

Your domain has an AAAA record but isn’t responding to requests over IPv6.

Let’s Encrypt will use the AAAA record if it is present.

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