Let's Encrypt Challenge failed

I already changed it to the new IP full stack.

  • wan.xyz.ovh IN A
  • wiki.xyz.ovh IN CNAME wan.xyz.ovh

It'll probably take a little bit time to be up to date everywhere. Don't forget that maybe your cache is still having the old ip adress

Oh didn't saw your edit while answering, phone UI is kinda bad at it haha

Curl and wget ain't working from my vps somewhere in France, but https do, kinda weird behaviour.

Try to dig and forcing the use of another DNS resolver like with dig @ wiki.interlope.ovh, I can't rn with my phone but it should give the new address (or another DNS resolver if you're currently using couldflare's)

Yeah, when I do a dig +trace everything is fine. But my curl is having a bad time, sometimes using the new IP address, getting redirected to the HTTPS URL and suddenly using the old IP address?!? Why would it do that? :thinking:

Anyway, seems to be working now.


Seems to be working, gonna be able to deploy the rest now.

Many thanks folks ! I lost some hair today but I learned things !

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