Let's Encrypt certificates

Where can I view and resolve my Let's Encrypt certificates?

All certificates nowadays are submitted to Certificate Transparancy (CT) logs and CT log aggregators such as https://crt.sh/ can be used to search for publicly trusted certificates, including those from Let's Encrypt.

What does that mean, "resolving a certificate"?


By resolving a certificate, i mean how I can resolve it, i.e. delete it, so that it becomes invalid again

I'm still not sure what you mean exactly.

A certificate can be:

  • deleted from the host that issued it;
  • revoked.

Could you perhaps explain in some more words what you mean by "deleting" or "invalidating" a certificate? What situation? What do you think the end result should be?


If I cancel a certificate, the registration of this certificate with Let's Encryft should be canceled so that this certificate is invalid again!

There's no such thing as "cancelling" an already issued certificate. The only thing you can do is revoke a certificate.


And how do I revoke that?

You can find out more about revoking in the documentation:

Why do you wish to revoke a certificate anyway?


You don't revoke a certificate just because you don't need it anymore.

You pretty much only revoke a certificate if the private key gets compromised.


I've been wanting to jump in here, but I really don't have any idea what you're trying to achieve. Feel free to use multiple sentences--paragraphs, even--to explain what you're trying to do, and why. If you don't want to use a cert any more, don't use it any more. But why does it matter to you that it be made invalid?


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