Let's Encrypt certificate expiration notice for domain

I am getting erroneous (I think) emails for my domain certificate expirations. I have reviewed other help topics about this but they provided no help. I also looked at "Expiration Emails - Let's Encrypt" but no joy there either.

Running "certbot certificates" at my root level shows all of them not even close to expiration.

I suspect some earlier tries at creating certificates are causing this. I know my current online websites are fully covered and far from expiration.

How do I keep these erroneous emails from being generated? How do I delete these erroneous certificates, if they still exist?

Some domains: jlt.tools jimtippins.com total2024.com vbsj.org

If you are sure that your websites are using current certificates with more than one month to expiration, ignore the emails.

They are with near certainty referring to certificates you have replaced.

Domain names, we need domain names. :smiley:


Agree with 9peppe.

Just looking at vbsj.org shows certs with various name combinations. The cert with only the name vbsj.org was recently renewed but certs with other combinations have not. Each cert with a unique set of domain names is separate for the reminder emails.

Here is your history for vbsj.org. If you are not using the certs with the names the email describes then just ignore the friendly reminder emails until that cert expires.


Thanks for the comments. I guess the answer is to just wait until all of the certs expire. Then the emails should stop.

Thanks for the link. I see the multiple messes I made while learning to build a webserver.


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