Let's Encrypt 'badge' for websites?

As Let’s Encrypt is a fantastic project and helps everyone to be a part of the encrypt the web initiative, I would like to add a small symbol/badge on my website with a link to the project to encourage visitors to use/donate LE. Is there any official graphic I’m free to use?


This question has already been asked here: Site Seal for website displaying

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I think this thread would be the appropriate one:

There is no clear policy on how to use the logo yet.

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I have made this badges, they were done really fast, I believe someone could make them better.

[content removed due to ISRG trademark violations] - @josh

It’s not clear yet if the logo is copyrighted or not Let’s encrypt logo - is it copyrighted?

Josh is working on some usage guidelines for the logo and name, which should be available soon! Thanks for your interest and attention to detail. :slight_smile:


What’s ‘available soon’? :slight_smile:
I would like to know how I can use the logo for showing my customers what I offer now. :wink:

Heh, sorry about that, it’s taking longer to get the details sorted than we thought. We’ve got a draft trademark policy from our lawyers, and we’re giving them a round of feedback. Apologies for the delay!

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Let’s Encrypt is all about trust, and in order to protect our reputation and users we can’t allow people to use our logo like this without our permission. In the case of site “badges,” we are particularly concerned about any resemblance to “site seals,” which promote bad behavior and misplace confidence. See this blog post for some of the reasons we have issues with site seals:

We’re happy that people want to express support for Let’s Encrypt (thank you!), but we need to make sure it’s being done in the right way. We may provide images designed and approved by us for this purpose in the (near?) future.

If you have created a badge containing ISRG trademarks like the Let’s Encrypt logo, or you are displaying such a badge on your site created by someone else, I have to ask that you remove it.


Our official trademark policy is up: https://letsencrypt.org/trademarks/


@jsha / @josh Can we now use the Let’s Encrypt logo from the trademark page as an SSL badge seal?

@sigurdur TL;DR : No

That’s correct, sorry. We will never offer a “site seal” that indicates some sort of security guarantee, because they are easy to spoof and confusing to users. However, we would eventually like to offer some sort of “yay Let’s Encrypt!” icon for all the folks who we know love the service so much. We just haven’t put together the time to design one yet.


Just wondering, when you make a yay Let's Encrypt! icon, could you add me to the list of people that could have access to it (if it’s not public)? Also, at the footer of my site I am displaying the regular Let’s Encrypt icon simply to show visitors that I am secured and that I love the concept of a non-profit CA. Is that acceptable until said icon is complete?

Hi Josh, it is not clear to us if we can use the “letsencrypt.org” on our comercial web.
We have our certificate granted by you for our web, can we display letsencrypt LOGO on our web?

Blimey Folks!

Just use a simple text link with your own personal recommendation. That will have far more influence on your visitors than some Plastic badge from a Corn Flake packet.

Quote " Blimey Folks!

Just use a simple text link with your own personal recommendation. That will have far more influence on your visitors than some Plastic badge from a Corn Flake packet."

Could u pls say that again in a more simple English? What exactly u mean?

Sorry Jose1 I’m still learning English myself, so I understand your confusion.

Asking LE to use their logo is not the best approach, instead I suggest you use a simple text link without any image. Just add your own words endorsing the service and your site visitors will be more influenced than by any “Badge”.


Hey Colin, I like ur sense of humour in regards to ur English :wink: it wants ur EN aint good (am not native miself cant judge it much ) it was more u used too tech terms :wink: I was lost…

thanks for the quick reply anyway and also ta for the feedback.
I honestly rather use their logo as they certify the web and its www known.
Anyone here can tell us if we can use the logo itself?
Thanks again guys!

No we definitely cannot use their logo Jose1, for valid legal reasons, as this thread does explain above, but they are working on an alternative design we will be able to use… Meanwhile use a simple TEXT a href link please :slight_smile:

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