Leaf certificate hasn't been issued yet

Sorry again to call for your help… I’m looking at https://crt.sh/?q=homunity.com and it seems that the new pre-certificate has been issued. But not the leaf certificate ?

Is it ok for me to do a server migration (it might be today) with the leaf certificate not sent yet ? Or is it better to wait later until the certificate is fully issued ? The server is a completely new one with another ip address from another location.

Does anyone know why the leaf certificate hasn’t been issued actually ? Seems that pre certificate and leaf certificate are generated at the same time normally…

Thanks a lot for your help

My domain is: Homunity.com / www.homunity.com

Hi @Choppy,

When your client requests a certificate from Let’s Encrypt, what you receive is a valid certificate that is immediately able to be used by your webserver. As long as you have your new key pair backed up and correctly migrated to your new server you should be just fine. It’s also possible to just reissue a certificate on your new server and is less error prone than a migration.

While a fantastic product, please note that crt.sh is run by a 3rd party and there is no requirement for a precert or leaf cert to be available on crt.sh before it can be used.


Great, thanks a lot for your time @Phil !


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