Keep getting expiration notices that aren't true

My domain is:

My hosting provider is:

I have a renew script set up to run daily, and yet twice now, I’ve received notifications that the cert is going to expire.

The latest one arrived on July 14, stating the cert would expire on July 24th…

…and yet when I look at the cert, it says that it was renewed back on June 1st and is good until August 30th:

Is there perhaps another certificate that’s not installed that’s expiring? I can’t think of any other reason why I’d be getting these notifications when they just don’t apply to the expiration dates I’m seeing.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated :beers:

Hi @advantagen,

Please take a just look a little further down in the renewal reminder message to see the explanation of the definition of “expiring” that’s used by this bot. If the allocation of names to certificates changed in any way, including adding or removing names or splitting one certificate into two, it doesn’t regard the certificate as “renewed” for reminder purposes. This does not necessarily mean that the expiry of the old certificate will be a problem at all.

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Thank you kindly for your reply.

I’m not sure I entirely understand though because, as you can see in the notification, the certificate is for both and So if they’re on the same certificate, they’re both being renewed at the same time, right? That’s why I’m not quite clear on your suggestion. So if you wouldn’t mind clarifying, I’d certainly appreciate it.

The website is now using two certificates, issued June 1: one for and one for

You can ignore the email about the old, different certificate expiring, unless you still need it for something else.

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Oh! Okay, thank you for clarifying :slight_smile:

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