Jelastic Cloud & NGINX Deployment

Hi there,

I'm trying to install a Let's Encrypt Certificate on a NGINX (1.18) node in Jelastic Cloud environnement using Let's Encrypt Free SSL add-on (Free Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates: Out-of-Box Integration | Jelastic).

Curiously, the add-on delivers the certificate successfully but the configuration of NGINX remains unchanged (port 443 on NGINX still closed and no modification to the configuration script to add the references of the certificate).

Am I missing something ? Is there any manual operation to provide ? I can't find any information regarding this problem on the web.

My domain is: / (

Thx for your feedback :slight_smile:

Hi @graymondon Welcome to the community.
I have no experience with, and therefore know nothing about your environment. That said:

I see the certs WERE issued for (Use one of them)

Did you inspect your conf file for changes or are you assuming there were no changes?

Was the server restarted after cert issuance?

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