It works on commercial websites, right? | What happens if my certificate expires?

Hi, I am new to this, I would like to know how serious it is that my certificate expires for some reason or if I simply have to go back to “create a certificate”.

My second question is: Let’s Encrypt It works with commercial websites, right? I refer to websites with advertising and sale of digital designs.

Excuse me if the questions are silly. Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @TamaraJxn,

It is really serious, your users will see something like this when trying to access your site so it won't be good for your site's reputation. The only reason for an expired certificate is that you have not renewed it for your domain and/or you didn't configure your web server to serve the certificate properly.

Well, Let's Encrypt certificates are valid for 90 days so it is recommended to use an automatic renewal every 60 days (so you have 30 days to solve the issue just in case something is not working as expected) but this will depend on how you initially issued the certificate.

Right, it works on any kind of site; personal, commercial, with or without advertising, etc. :wink:



A Let's Encrypt certificate is valid for just 90 days (they have their reasons). You'll have to renew your certificate before it expires, because otherwise your users will get a security warning/error presented when surfing to your website.

How to renew you ask? That really depends on how you got the certificate in the first place. Most clients can be set up to renew from a cronjob, but without any information about how you got the certificate, we can't help you.

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Personal, commercial, adult, malware, you name it, Let's Encrypt secures it :stuck_out_tongue:

No flamebait intended. The (current) Let's Encrypt agreement is quite short about the limitations:

The purpose of Your Certificate is to authenticate and encrypt Internet communications. ISRG is not responsible for any legal or other consequences resulting from or associated with the use of Your Certificate. You agree that You will not use Your Certificate for any purpose requiring fail-safe performance, such as the operation of public utilities or power facilities, air traffic control or navigation systems, weapons systems, or any other systems, the failure of which would reasonably be expected to lead to bodily injury, death or property damage.


Oh! Thank you very much, very kind, I understand it perfectly. For now I have not installed any certificate but I wanted to know well before doing it. :grin:

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