Issuing ECDSA and RSA certificate in the same order

I’ve got a few questions on how to get started with issuing the ECDSA certificates.

  • Currently we are able to issue an RSA certificate once an order is created and domain validated. Is it possible to get a ECDSA certificate in the same order? I understand that we can send /finalize only once per order but if there is some way, that would be nice since we can avoid going through the validation process again.
  • Alternatively, we’ve also tried creating two orders in parallel to get both the certificates at similar times in our flow but it looks like only one order can be open at a time for the same sans. A second /newOrder call returns me the order ID from the previous call. Any workarounds for this?

Thanks for your help.


A domain when it is validated, it is valid for a month. It is just implemented that way in the Let's Encrypt's ACME server. So a second order (using the same account) soon after the first certificate issued, will not require revalidation of the domains.

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Unfortunately, ACME doesn't let you request two certificates in one order.

I think your best bet here is to do the two orders in sequence: Create one, fully validate it, finalize; then create the next one. On the second new-order call, Boulder will see that you have valid authorizations for all the SANs, and will automatically attach those authorizations to the second new-order so you don't have to re-do validations and can go straight to finalize.

The second order request should probably still have a certain amount of resiliency, since there are edge cases where the valid authorizations might expire or be deactivated between Order 1 and Order 2.


I smell a nice addendum coming up!


Sounds good, we’ll make them sequential orders. Thanks for your detailed response and appreciate your help!


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