Issue with Python version

I want to install some pip modules in a unix server which has centos 6.9 version & pip is installed in it

python --version shows 2.7 version … the host has two different python versions ie., in
/usr/bin has 2.6 and /usr/local/bin has 2.7 .

while I am installing modules, it shows an error as it is pointing to 2.6 version

here is my question

  1. For python 2.7 it ok to have centos 6 or I should have cent os 7 ?
  2. Should i need to maintain same python 2.7 version in /usr/bin and /usr/local/bin inorder to install pip modules ?

Kindly help me here …Thanks in advance

For different pip version you need to use pip2.6 install package , pip2.7 install package . By the way is it related to letsencrypt ?

No ,I have just posted a common query. Thanks I got the answer which i am looking for

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