Issue reading certificate

Hi, i have 2 web, and whith ssl certificate, but is very inestable. With Chrome sometimes is ok and detect the let encrypt, and sometimes dont work and detect a webmaster@localhost ??? certificate: This is the console

E = webmaster@localhost
CN = localhost
OU = none
O = none
L = Sometown
S = Someprovince
C = US

In and refresh, i get 3 different results, in

sometimes serial 288955495475625923024292036052952199407558 (0xA4408F0A320F5)
sometimes serial 336870845940800081402263912630145834294485 (0x13261DB1B8469)
and sometimes an error response
(degacor and coolmonkey have the same ip)
i contact with my hosting, but dont find any solution

Please help! and sorry about my english!

Your hoster uses some kind of load balancing on the IP address, serving a LE cert for “” (not mind you) at times and sometimes the “localhost” one.

Tell them to install your cert on all backend servers or otherwise fix their setup since it’s broken.

They toldme that not exist any load balancing system on webserver, i dont know what to do!

Does the problem still exist? I just tried it again and I don’t see the localhost cert anymore. There is still a problem, though. The cert is only valid for, not

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