Issue new cert to add in a subdomain via node-greenlock

I’m using node-greenlock and have been issuing certs just fine. However, I’ve only done it using the root domain name. I’d like to add in as well.

I’ve tried to use the same method le.register() but added in both and, however it seems to always return the same cert with only

Would anyone know how I can re-issue a cert that would include the new subdomain?

Thank you

Hi @dms, could I suggest mentioning node-greenlock in the title of your topic? I think only a minority of people here will be familiar with it, and it seems like you need help specifically from someone who is.

Thanks @schoen, I’ve updated the title. I’m not sure however, if generally speaking, to add a new subdomain, it’s a matter of issuing a new cert with both the and Would the old one need to be revoked or what happens to the original one.

You can just issue a new one and you don’t have to revoke the old one. Many different certificates can coexist that refer to the same domain name, including from the same CA.

Let’s Encrypt does have rate limits on issuance (which are unaffected by revocation), but you won’t hit those just by issuing a second certificate.

Thanks @schoen, so it wasn’t working because in addition to node-greenlock, there’s le-store-redis which stores the certs in redis. After clearing out the redis db for that and re-issuing all is good.

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