Issuance Problem For Wordpress Multi Site EC2 Instance

Hello am using An EC2 instance with Bitnami Tool BNCERT Tool to issue SSL certificates for my Website.

My websites are as follow :-

But when I issue certificate it says that Error 400 cannot issue the certificate for with (Failed Identifier)

Yesterday on 20th Nov 2019 I managed to create a certificate for this same domain, but now I can not issue another certificate to my other new domain

Is there any solution for me

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Hey @mulatha, welcome to the community forum :wave:

Apologies, we deployed a routine update to our production CA policy yesterday that resulted in the .ug ccTLD being blocked by mistake. We’re working on a fix right now and I’ll update you when it has been done. I expect it to be a matter of hours and not days.

Thanks for your patience, and for flagging the issue. I really appreciate it.


Hi again @mulatha,

The fix to remove the accidental block of .ug domains was removed in both our staging and production environments. You should be able to issue certificates for again without any error.

Thanks again for flagging the problem,


Hello, @cpu thanks for the quick response. In fact, I have managed to generate the certificate without problem.


Great! Glad to hear it worked correctly. Thanks for following up with your results.

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