Issuance Limit Reached - Waiting time?


I´ve exceeded the limit of certificate issuances. I know there´s a temporary block and that the mistake was mine to do testes on the production API. My bad. I just want to know if it takes a full week for me to be able to generate a new certificate or it can be possible sooner? Cause I need to set my store in production mode for my client and I need to update him of the possibilities.

Thank you, sincerly. Fernando.


The only way to get a cert now is to add, or remove, a name from the SAN.
So that it looks like a completely different request.
If you use the same set of names, you will have to wait until there are less that five certs issued within the past 7 days to get that fifth one. (now it would be six - not allowed)


Understood. So by waiting 7 days I´ll be able to generate another for the same DNS?



It may now be less than 7 days.
[Depends on when you did the requests]
But, yes, 7 days will surely exceed the minimum wait time.
In 7 days the count will be down to zero.


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