Is Using Let's Encrypt SSL with Free Cloudlfare Good for SEO

I deleted the “help” form because that was not related to my question.

I am using Letsencrypt on my website with free cloudlfare plan. It’s working without any problem but recently I read somewhere it is not a good idea to use letsencrypt with free cloudflare plan because letsencrypt is dedicated to our domain but free cloudflare gives shared SSL which is not that good.

I wanted to hear from the Letsencrypt community. What you have to say about this? Is this bad for SEO and search engine rankings?


Hi @karanbhagat95.kb,

It’s fine that you asked this question here, but SEO is not a typical topic for this forum and I predict that participants here may not know the answer to your question. I would suggest asking on an SEO-related forum.

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