Is there any deadline for the information verification?

We need to work out the redirects for the certificate, I am wondering if there is any deadline for it? 30 days?

Please add more detail to your request/problem/situation.

Hi @mei,

The information verification is all conducted by an automated process, so there is no human being waiting around for you to finish it.

There are various rate limits that can be triggered by failed attempts to obtain certificates. Some of the rate limits are a bit complicated to explain if you’re not familiar with the details of the ACME protocol. They are listed at

The best practical advice in this regard is to use the staging server, which is a test CA that does not enforce such strict rate limits on attempts to obtain certificates. The certificates issued by the staging server are test certificates which are not accepted by browsers, but you can try to get them in order to see whether or not your setup is working properly. Attempts to get certificates from the staging server don’t count against your rate limits on the regular CA server.

If you’re using Certbot, you can use the staging server with the --staging option. If you’re using any client that gives you an option for what ACME endpoint to use, the staging server is located at

Hi Schoen,
We request the DV SNI-Only cert on behalf of our customer. They are working on the redirects and want to know when it should be done. Is there any time limit for the information verification? If they couldn’t complete it by the due date, shall we resubmit the order?


Oh, did you have some Let’s Encrypt client software say that a certain action should be taken in order to prove control of the domain name, and then you’re supposed to indicate when that action is complete? Is that a the kind of situation that you’re in?

(If so, what software is it, what kind of action is it asking to be taken, and how are you meant to indicate when it’s done?)

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