Is there a easy way to make a cert+key?

hello guys i have a question,
im totaly new and a idiot when it comes to stuff like command lining or something like that,

it’s the 1st time i need a cert+key and its for a torrent client with web on windows,
i have no idea how it all works,
and it looks to complicated,
i am not someone that is particulair smart and even there are guides and videos i still manage to do them wrong, for me i want a simple way if there is any,

is there some automated program that creates one with any dificulty like this command lining and stuff

i tried making one with a youtube vid but no luck on that i have been trying for 3 days now and asking help all arround for a easy solution

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Hi @WesleyNL

start with

So: If you use such a specialized configuration (I don't use it), there may be already a client to create a Letsencrypt certificate.

So first step: Check, if there is a forum of torrent clients on windows and see, if there is already such a client.


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