Is my certificate renewal successful?

My domain is:

Hi, everyone. I believe I've successfully renewed the certificate, but according to this site, the certificate has not been renewed.

But according to another site, the certificate was renewed successfully.

So, has the certificate been renewed successfully?

Some CT log lookups may take 24H to show a cert (or sometimes longer). I don't see it in either but your Entrust tool does show a new cert which looks valid.

But, that's only part of the "renewal". The other is that your webserver (or other service) is using the new cert. I can't test this because your Origin Server is behind Cloudflare CDN.

But, you should be able to test this because you know the Origin Server IP and maybe even have a DNS name to talk to it directly.

In fact, checking the cert your Origin Server is using is more reliable than using the CT logs


Thank you for your response. How can I check if my Origin server is using the new cert?

And if the cert has not been renewed successfully, I will get a notification email from let's encrypt before the current cert expires, right?

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Speak with the server administrator.


Or with this

echo | openssl s_client -connect (OriginPublicIP):443 --servername | head

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