Is it planned to support IPv4/IPv6 dual stack?

I’m wondering if it’s planned to support IPv4/IPv6 dual stack in an apache-setup?

At the moment certbot is looking for just ohne -Block in each file, so it’s not possible to use certbot in such a setup, isn’t it?


Can you describe what’s currently preventing you from using Let’s Encrypt (or certbot)? The only limitation Let’s Encrypt has at the moment is that domain validation cannot be performed for hostnames that are IPv6 only (unless you count DNS-01).

I assume the certbot issue you’re referring to is the one <VirtualHost> tag per file limitation, but that’s easy to work around by either splitting your vhosts into separate files or, if you don’t need to bind your vhosts to specific IPs, just use <VirtualHost *:80>, that’ll work just fine for both IPv4 and IPv6. I believe <VirtualHost [2001:db8::1]:80> is also valid syntax if you do need to specify an address, though I haven’t personally tested this with certbot.

Jep, that's exactly the problem. I'd rather not split my virtual hosts into separate files, because each website will then have 3 virtual host configurations (IPv4, IPv6, le.conf). Though until that problem is resolved, I'm going to do this.

Thanks for your answer.

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