Is Apple blocking LE-Certificates?


I just read an article stating that Apple with IOS (mail and browser) blocks websites with LE-Certificates.
I do not use Apple, ist this true?

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Hi @janvl,

I don't believe this is true. We maintain a certificate compatibility list with known compatible/incompatible software. Safari is known to be compatible.


My i-devices (iphones and ipads) connect just fine to my web and mail servers, which are using LE certificates.

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Could you link that article ?

Itunes had problems but it's now solved: iTunes rejecting LE certs? - #54 by jsha

As a reaction on the news that Letsencrypt plans to offer wildcart certificates on a german forum the following was stated:

After that there is a discussion on apple blocking websites/webservices with LE-certs.

After what I heard here this is most likely not the case.


Someone in that thread mentioned

However, there was nothing definitive presented there. I think it’s likely that the problem was a misconfiguration on the web site rather than a policy decision by Apple, but it’s probably too late to confirm this easily by now.

Right, that is why asked here.

It did seem unlikely that apple would risk their market share by marking LE as insecure.

But one never knows what apple decides.

I stick to Linux on my self-build PC with Firefox.

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I have no idea where you read this but that is false! Apple have been doing some strange things with their OS but this is not one of them. I am on a OS X Client Server configured to host 3 domains with LE and everything works just fine. I have been testing with the major browsers from the beginning and did not found any compatibilities issues either.

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the link where I read this, is above.
As I host over a hundred domains/subdomains with a lot of LE certificates it is important to know that apple is not blocking this. This Forum is the place to ask such a question I guess, seeing the answers I am confident that there is no problem like this german stated.

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