Ios 13.3.1+Plesk Obsidian v18.0.24 error with ssl in email

Not sure if it is related to a recent announce of let’s encrypt bug , because it has been working for a long time after renewal process one week ago
web ssl and webmail ssl works fine but pop and smtp fail on my iphone xI ios 13.3.1


Do you have any error message?

This doesn’t seem to relate to the bug.

If you are the administrator of the server, try to contact Plesk and bring up this issue (Actually, you might be able to restart the pop/smtp server in order to manually reload the certificate)

If you are a user on the server, try to contact your hosting provider…

Thank you

Like this


The certificate at is only valid for * and This is a configuration issue with the server and nothing to do with LE.

It was also set to expire on 3/10/2020, but now will on 3/4/2020, so it needs to be renewed ASAP anyway.

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