Invalid web server configuration


I use LetsEncrypt to provide an SSL certificate at, which runs off UbuntunServer.

Every 2-3 days, I receive the error “invalid webserver configuration”. I am able to resolve the issue temporarily by using the commandline tools to reinstall the certificate, however 2-3 days later the issue returns. This only started 2-3 weeks ago after working fine for nearly a year.

Any idea what might be causing this?

I have also tried a renewal, which resolved it for about 4 days, only for the issue to return again.

I am going to be as polite as i can

invalid webserver configuration - how did you narrow down that it’s an SSL problem

What do you mean you reinstall the certificate using the command line tools

It seems to me that you are just trying the first things you can think of and it seems to be working

I don’t see any root cause analysis

Have you had a look at the logs and see what is causing the errors?


Well I can check logs when I get home.

My main inkling that its related to SSL is when I reinstall the certificate, it works fot a period of time, so that to me suggests it is somewhat related.

that is a bad conclusion depending on how you install the certificate you may have rebooted the server which fixed the issue

Also what component is giving you the invalid web server configuration

As far as i know apache won’t start if you have bad configurations


Hi @dogwomble,

Where is this error displayed, and what software is producing it? Is it a browser-side or server-side error?

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