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Got a server running with the following:

  • Vestacp
  • Nginx
  • Let’s Encrypt
  • PHP-fpm
  • @ DigitalOcean

I have around 10 WP sites currently running on it, and so far i have had no problems at all enabling SSL. But all of sudden i get the error above when trying to enable Let’s Encrypts SSL.
I found a couple a threads mentioning that i could be because i was missing a file “Letsencrypt.pipe” - and i could not find the file, so i followed the instructions and created where it was supposed to be - and it seemed to work great for the next website i enabled Let’s Encrypt on.
But now 2 sites later, I’m again unable to enable SSL and get that error again.

So i figured somebody had a idea of what is wrong here - and could provide me with some answers.
If i need to supply some information, just ask and i will post it in OP

Hi @Macc,

How are you trying to obtain a certificate? Is this an option inside Vestacp that you’re using? Is there a specific error that you see?

Most people on this forum don’t use control panels and in any case don’t have the ability to fix bugs in them, so if the issue is due to a bug in the control panel, you’ll probably need to ask the control panel developers (or possibly DigitalOcean if they provided it to you). But if you have an error that shows something in particular going wrong, we might be able to explain what’s happening.

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