Intermediate certificate validation failed

Hi, I am trying to use LetsEncrypt for using on my Qnap nas. The Qnap asks three certs:
Certificate: I copied the contents from cert.pem there
Private Key: I copied the contents from privkey.pem
Intermediate Certificate: I copied the contents from chain.pem (for upload)

There is btw a fullchain.pem too but I didnt use that one.

Applying the keys gives the error message: Intermediate Certification validation failed.

Any idea how to solve the Intermediate Certificate Issue? Thanks in advance.

Your description sounds right based on how the QNAP NAS documentation says things should work. Are you sure you have copied this error message exactly? I cannot find any mention (with Google) of anyone else ever seeing this error message. Of course maybe you are the first, but I see other QNAP users say they’ve used Let’s Encrypt successfully.

Yes, the exact message:

Type Date Time Users Source IP Computer name Content

Error 13-06-2016 14:11:52 admin — [Security] Intermediate Certificate validation failed.

I have exactly this same problem.
Qnap ts-253 pro, everything worked fine beside this error showing up every 3h…

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