Installing Client


I just tried to install the Lets Encrypt client.
I followed the instructions at ,
but how can I run the client?

sudo ./venv/bin/letsencrypt auth
for example doesnt work because there ist no /venv dirchtory.

Where is the client stored?


Did you use Docker and the Quick Start instructions?

Here’s how I installed on CentOS 7.

Fresh CentOS 7 Install
$ yum update

$ yum install wget
$ yum install unzip

Let’s Encypt (install):
download and extract lets encrypt zip archive
$ cd /var
$ wget

$ unzip

$ cd letsencrypt-master
$ sudo ./bootstrap/

$ virtualenv --no-site-packages -p python2 venv
$ ./venv/bin/pip install -r requirements.txt acme/ . letsencrypt-apache/ letsencrypt-nginx/

Let’s Encrypt (Get Certificate)
$ sudo ./venv/bin/letsencrypt -d domain_name --apache-ctl apachectl auth

I did the same on Amazon Linux. Error on “$ sudo ./venv/bin/letsencrypt -d domain_name --apache-ctl apachectl auth”.
PS. What means --no-site-packages". I is not changed

Don’t know what --no-site-packages means. It’s in the install instructions.

Try without the --apache-ctl apachectl option. I had to had that because my apache ctl is not the default.

In this topic is my log file. Install error. Amazon Linux AMI
You can look and say what wrong?