Installed certbot on LEMP before installing wordpress, nothing shows up

Hello there

So my domain is and after installing a LEMP stack on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on my VPS I got a 404 not found message with the version of nginx at the bottom which was great. I thought to myself I should probably install the Certbot program first and then wordpress to avoid running into the images with different routes problem. So I did that. then my domain had the SSL certificate so I proceded to install wordpress but I keep getting the same 404 not found message. No wordpress installation to be seen. I reinstalled wordpress… nothing… uninstalled the certbot package… nothing. I keep getting the same 404 not found message and it still has the ssl certificate. What am I doing wrong?

This doesn’t sound like a Let’s Encrypt problem so much as a Wordpress/basic server setup problem. You’d probably have better luck bringing this up in w Wordpress forum (with some more info on how you have things currently set up - you haven’t really provided enough information for anyone to help you.)

The 404 has nothing to do with SSl at all - it indicates that you’re attempting to load a resource that doesn’t exist or is in a different location.

@sayllus check nginx logs /var/log/nginx/error.log or the customized log path . Its not related to letsencrypt.

so the order in which I did things has nothing to do with it. SSL first and then wordpress? Even tho I had nothing to encrypt at first

Is certbot fully compatible with ngingx? I read somewhere that it was still a beta version? Any chance that its a bug?

I am using it under LAMP, LEMP , windows server R2 . Everything works fine

Shit, I guess I am just going to do a hard reset and delete my linode. Thanks man

Its not the problem with linode . step by step reconfigure LEMP stack . sure you will get .good luck

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