Install letsencrypt on nginx unbuntu 14.04

I am looking for a step by step on how to install and configure , I have tried many ways to do this and none seem to work . another question does this work for redirection I do not have a full registered domain like : I have a redirection pointing to an external IP : . … would this work ?

Have you tried following the instructions on the certbot homepage after selecting Ubuntu 14.04 and your web server? What kind of error did you run into?

Subdomains would work fine, yes, and you don't need to own have control of the "main" domain in order to get a certificate for the subdomain.

Thanks pfg ,

I did manage to get the cert but when modifying the config file , it still does not work !
to be honest I am not sure which part of the nginx config I should be modifying … Iam running erpnext from rappie io , on unbunto 14.4 and nginx

Can you please help


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