Install Lets Encrypt on my hard!

Hy guys. I would like to secure my Synology installing a fresh new Let’s Encrypt certificate but for me it-s so hard to understand how. What i already did:

  1. buy a domain
  2. create and subscribe with site Noip for a working DDNS.
  3. open port 80 on my router


In this screenshot, what i must put inside? With just my domain name and email it doesn’t work :frowning:

I heard about sub domain, dns on my domain to change (A, CNAME o MX?) but so hard to understand

Thanks guys

Hi @Jedi82,

What happens when you try this? Do you get a particular error message?

can’t connect to LE. Verify that the domain is valid :frowning: But my question is what i must do step by step to install it

If you post your domain name here, we can see if we can identify a reason that it wouldn’t work. There could be something wrong with your DNS settings that we might be able to identify, for example.

In terms of the process with Synology, I would suggest reading Synology’s own documentation about this and asking on their own forum if you find it confusing. There is also for example this third-party guide

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