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I gather that the preferred way to update the certbot version is to install the latest, rather than doing an ‘update’ or ‘upgrade’ command. This is unclear in the documentation and threads I’ve been reading. For my Apache/CentosRHEL7 the instructions are to do ‘sudo yum install python2-certbot-apache’.

My fear is - Can this break the existing certificates or configuration? Is it really safe to ‘install’?

Also, when I originally set up a server, I used the command ‘sudo yum install certbot python2-certbot-apache’. Will that make a difference? Is it okay to just install python2-certbot-apache?

Lastly, do I need to stop the web server before installing or can it be running?



Your renewal settings and certificate are in /etc/letsencrypt/ and are not affected when you install Certbot from somewhere else.

If you’re super paranoid, back up that folder.

You don’t need to stop your webserver.


I count 5 question marks…
I think they can all be answered with:
There is nothing to fear.

As long as you don’t delete/change/modify/move anything manually.
The automated process(es) will work.

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