Install certbot on ubuntu 22

I install ubuntu 22.
I install snapd.
I run "sudo snap install core; sudo snap refresh core" like there Certbot Instructions | Certbot
I get an answer
certbot error: cannot create transient scope: DBus error "org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.TimedOut":

How could i install certbot on Ubuntu 22?
How to fix this error and install certbot on snapd?

Hi @sergpalm, and welcome to the LE community forum :slight_smile:

The instructions don't cover Ubuntu 22 [yet].
So, we will have to wait until someone comes around that has overcome this hurdle.
I do have a test U22 and will be trying this out soon.


searching the error from snap side: Error running snaps: cannot create transient scope - snapd -

The error comes from an attempt to create a separate systemd user scope for the snap application. I think the user instance of systemd or dbus may be dead or unresponsive in your system. When you see this happen, please collect the outputs of the following commands:


I did not encounter any issues installing, nor while running, certbot 1.32.2 on Ubuntu 22.
[it was an upgrade from Ubuntu 20]

Did you upgrade from Ubuntu 20 or installed Ubuntu 22 fresh?


I also run Certbot on Ubuntu 22 just fine. Mine was fresh Ubuntu 22 install.

I did not have to "I install snapd" like you describe. It is included in Ubuntu 22 as described by this link in the Certbot install instructions. I just followed those instructions (including updating the snapd components) and it worked fine.

As orangepizza noted, you might want to ask this on the Snapcraft forum. Or, maybe another volunteer has seen this before. The page linked below also has a Troubleshooting guide


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