Install an ssl certificate

I have gotten an ssl certificate by using certbot. Now i need to install it, but the thing is i use my own program as a web server which uses a component and needs three files: a cert, a privkey and a root cert. The last one i didn't get. What should I do? Is it neccessary to have a root cert?

In the normal course of events, the root certificate is irrelevant for securing a web server. Clients have their own roots, servers don't send roots to clients. Certbot doesn't give you the root certificate because there's really no practical use for it.

I think it would help if you could provide further details about what exactly you are being asked for (name of software, documentation, screenshots, whatever).

The answer will vary:

  • Maybe you are being asked for a root certificate for client certificate verification purposes
  • Maybe it is actually asking for a CA bundle (i.e. chain.pem).
  • Maybe it actually needs the root for some reason (not unheard of with some Windows software)
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You were right!
It was asking for a CA bundle. I included chain.pem and it worked just fine.
Thank you so much!

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