Inquiry: API limit modification request answer delay



we requested raising the API limits and have not heard back. Is there a way to see the status of our request?

My domain is:
AccountID: 48911194

Thank you,


Hi @SamirNassar-idealo,

When did you submit the request?

@jple Do you know what the status of this request is?


Either December 27 or 28. But we don’t recieve notifications as to acceptance of request.


Hi @cpu,
Any news on this? Can you see what status our request is in? Hopefully it gets approved soon.
We have a lot of hosts waiting for fresh certs here. :slight_smile:


Hi - I don’t have any visibility into rate limit requests myself but I will follow-up with the folks that do and get back to you. Thanks for your patience


So sorry for the delay, hoping to get these out today. Thanks so much for your patience and for using Let’s Encrypt!



Hello @jple thank you for looking into this for us. Did you send us any notifications by mail?


Thank you very much in behalf of idealo Internet GmbH for looking into this.



We still haven’t heard back from you guys about the new API limits. @jple wanted to get back to us on friday. :wink:
Can you give us an update on that?

We would also like to know if there is some kind of user interface or API where we can see our current limits and status of our account. At the moment many employees use letsdebug or to find out how many certs we’ve issued in the last week but these tools are nether official nor are they up to date.

Is there some official letsencrypt interface to see the same kind of information like limits, issued certs, etc?

Hope to hear from you guys soon. Again thx for this great service! Our clients are very happy with it and we could get rid of an internal CA which helped us alot!


Hello, with repeated unanswered requests for information we are wondering what is happening.


We re-requested an API limit increase through the indicated form.


All taken care of by Let’s Encrypt. Thank you @jple !

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