Incorrect email notification of cert expiration

If I didn’t know any better…

I wouldn’t know any better!

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There is at least one universal truth.

Proof by Contradiction

Suppose the converse

There is not at least one universal truth.

Simplify the supposition

There is no universal truth. (self-contradictory)

State the outcome

There is at least one universal truth.


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I liked the emoji
The rest made my head hurt - LOL


I know everything!
And I can prove it.
Simply ask your question in the form:
Did you know (and state a fact) ?

By the time I answer the question… that answer will be “yes”.
[Because I did know it before I answered it]

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Cleo? Is that you? :crystal_ball:

Must eat now…

Yeah, five in a day is due to script malfunction … the pre/ and such caused several failures with under-reporting errors (empty CERTBOT_VALIDATION field, not sure …). I resorted to doing much of it manually, so it’s not unlikely that I’ll have another repeat day :frowning:


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