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We have 300+ active certificates and all renewals are proceeding without trouble.

However, I recently visited for our TLD to review it’s issued history and saw that practically all the renewals since the end of January 2020 are unlisted.

I considered this being due to batch uploading from LE to, but checking again today shows little change.

Our slowly growing list of certificates currently stands at 344, each for individual sub-domains, and to evenly spread the renewals across the sixty day rolling cycle, certbot is scripted to attempt renewal of the oldest two certificates 4 times per day. The limit of two at-a-time will be increased to three when we reach 480 certificates (8 * 60).

As examples:

  • our TLD certificate (+wildcard) was last renewed - 2020-05-19T08:53:38Z
  • the most recent sub renewal was today ~ 2020-06-12T02:52:00Z
    (4100001 will return 404, but openssl s_client will confirm)

It’s unclear whether this is an issue with LE or - happy hunting.

Hi @mhmeadows63

that’s a problem of


to ask. Or - then it’s in a frame.

it is an issue with

the precert is already in the log:

currently xenon2020 and argon2020 have both a large backlog in total over 50 million entries, list is here:

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Ah yes, additional query parameters to exclude expired certificates does the trick:

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