I'm really new to this. Is this a new way of getting https instead of http?

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My domain is: http://binaryscamreview.com

Is this a way for me to switch to https?

Previously I heard you need a registered company to buy a htpps cert.

No need for both: any person can get a free (as in "free beer") certificate from Let's Encrypt.

Thank you for your reply. Does it work in the same way other HTTPS certs work and is it permanent? :S

Yes it works exactly the same as other HTTPS certs.

Each cert is valid for 90 days, but since you can set it to auto renew, you can always have a valid cert, so yes it's permanent :slight_smile:

The certificate you need a registered company for is an Extended Validation (EV) certificate, the one that makes a green bar with the company name appear on a lot of desktop browsers. It is not possible to have a person’s name, or just a web site name appear in the green bar, it’s subject to roughly the sort of checks you’d do for a big loan - did they register with the government, do they appear in business directories like Dunn & Bradstreet, and so on. These certificates are also not cheap, if you don’t run a business, or your visitors would mostly know you by the web site name, not the name of the business, you definitely don’t need an EV certificate. I would say EV isn’t worth the money unless your business has a famous name (like “Cartier” or “Ferrari”) and you’re worried customers won’t know the web site is really authentic.

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