If I won't use my domain name

I’m a beginner, I just got a domain name and got an SSL certificate for it. If I do n’t need this domain name in the future, what do I need to do? Still don’t need to worry about him. Thanks


我是一个初学者,我刚刚拥有了一个域名,并为它获得了一个ssl证书。如果将来,我不再需要这个域名的话,我需要做什么东西吗?还是不需要去管他 。

Hi @chen123

if you want to create / use a certificate, a domain name is required.

Nothing. The certificate will expire, that’s all.

However,I have turned on auto-renewal. Don’t I need to worry about it? Thanks!


但是,我已经启用了自动续订。 我不需要担心吗? 谢谢!

If the domain expires, but the server is still running, it will attempt (and fail) to renew. But why would the server still be running in that case?

Sorry, I didn’t make it clear. I mean my server will stop working at that time.So, when the server and domain name both stop working, do I need to manage the SSL certificate anymore? Thank you


In that case, no–the auto-renewal task would be running on that server. If the server isn’t operating any more, there’s nothing else to do.

Thank you very much!

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