IDN domain not support, how can?

Hello i try many times to put lets encrypt to my idn domain to http://www.ηλεκτρονικότσιγάρο.com but i can’t,

please help

Please provide more details on the error you’re getting.

If you’re trying to do this using certbot, note that IDN support is not yet available in the latest release. You can use the development version, or use one of the other clients with IDN support. More details here:

the lets encrypt app It is inside the server applications, but every time to try to put in my domain telll me not support, what can i do?

Note my server is nginx

Can you provide any info on this “lets encrypt app” ? is it in your control panel ? if so what control panel ?

yes, is in my PLESK 12.5.30 control panel, my sever is nginx

The default plesk plugin ( which is what I assume you are using ) does not support IDN - there is a current open issue with that plugin

You will need to wait until the authors of that plugin / client update it to support IDN, or use a different one that does.

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I love lets encrypt and is my only way for SSL certificate, i want to wait if i can’t

Let’s Encrypt is the Certificate Authority which supports IDN. Many of the clients / plugins / scripts (whatever you want to call them) that utilise Let’s Encrypt also support IDN, it’s is the 3rd party plesk plugin you are using which currently does not. It may be worth commenting on the thread I linked above so the developer knows you are waiting for it.

yes i think is 3rd party plesk plugin on my web server, but really i waiting for it, i want use ssl lets encrypt

What I was trying to explain was - there are other ways of getting a Let’s Encrypt SSL - other than via the 3rd party plesk plugin. If you are happy to wait for the third party script though, that’s fine :slight_smile:

yes, i can wait for that, but how will I know when will it be ready?

apologize for my bad english

If you go to and comment on that thread - you will get emailed when they update it.

what are the other ways to get a Let’s Encrypt SSL?

For a list of some of the alternate clients, see

really thanks for your great help, but the problem is I do not have enough knowledge on the subject to do that

seriani, you mention your server is ngix, do you have access to it via shell for example using ssh? or you just manage it via Plesk?

Hello, i have access via plesk

something news for this subject?

i have wordpress in Apache & nginx and my control panel is plesk 12.5 but tell not support IDN DOMAIN, what can i do?

You could use one of the alternative clients ( as discussed / linked above ) which do support IDN domains.