I reached the limit of getting certificates

Hi when I execute this command

sudo certbot --nginx -d panel.melonhost.cz

It types me that I have reached 5 certificates in 68 hours and I want to ask you if you can reset me that limit please?

My domain is:

Thank you so much.

No, it is not possible to reset your limit.

You should have been shown a link to the page below which explain the limit and a possible work-around.

But, you should have 5 valid certs already on your system. Can't you just use one of those? What does the command sudo certbot certificates show?


The problem is that I reinstalled my OS and removed everything from the computer.

Well, I guess you now know to take better backups :slight_smile:

Review the linked article to see if the work-around is possible. Otherwise you will have to wait or maybe use a different free ACME CA while you wait.


And is it reset from the first certificate or from the last one?

It is a rolling seven day limit. You should have been shown a date and time when a retry may be successful.


Five times?


And can I somewhere check when my domain is avialable for another certificate?

Any of the sites that show the public CT logs such as this one.


Although, sometimes they are slow to show the latest one. In your case there was another one issued on December 13th which I can see using a tool that requires a subscription. But once your December 11th certificate is older than 168 hours you should be able to get another cert


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