I Need an exception for 1 page

I use lets encrypt and my server now is secure but ignores any unsecure pages and virtual dj for example dont use secure protocal so now i cant play virtual dj stream via my secure site any ideas how i can make an exception for 1 page on my site for this 1 page? anyone help ???

Hi @R00T2020,

Is Virtual DJ something that’s installed on your server, or is it on someone else’s server and included remotely via a frame or Javascript or something?

its accessable everywhere else in the world except via my server due to a redirect mod http to https rule option i wanted on when i set up lets encrypt! i wana keep it on but add an exception iv tried all sorts .htaccess file in the folder i want to have available via http and even in directories allow overide on apache2 conf file any ideas?

Could you please answer my specific question? Is this software that’s running on your web server, or something that gets included in your web page from someone else’s server?

Is it possible to share a specific example of a page where the error message that you’re concerned about shows up?

sorry yeah a reply i sent via gmail email didnt get through so had to re write the reply, anyways yes its another host but accessable everywhere but lets encrypt only allows secure and no unsecure, i need a rewrite rule that keeps everything secure except /radio/ folder and i have tried editing the conf file and adding a rule but im not that good at writing rewrite rules or mathes as when i do the thing doesnt secure the rest of the site like i wanted it seems to be all or nothing and thats where im stuck!

iv tryed using .htaccess files and even directivs in the main apache2 conf file to allow overides but even that dont work :confused:

Could you show us the affected page?

I think you might be talking about browsers’ mixed content rules there, but I’m not sure. Today, most browsers don’t let you load an insecure resource (like a stylesheet, script, or frame) inside of a secure frame. That isn’t a Let’s Encrypt policy.

I want
to be insecure

and every other page and folder to remain secure.

Because of the mixed content blocking that would happen when embedding the audio resource via HTTP from port 8000?

Unless what he’s talking about is to just make the /radio directory http, while everything else is https. You may be able to do that by having the port 80 server block redirect everything to port 443 except for that directory. Then setup a redirect on 443 back to 80 for that directory. But I don’t have much knowledge about that since 100% of my stuff is encrypted.

This does come with some problems like you won’t ever be able to run hsts. You should look at upgrading whatever software you use for streaming to support tls

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