I need a new certificate for a domain with a new host, how do I generate a new certificate for a domain instead of renewing the certificate with an old host?

It would be most helpful to see the most recent log file (/var/log/letsencrypt.log).

The challenge tokens aren’t harmful to share here, because (1) they can’t be used by anyone else to obtain a certificate (they’re specific to your certificate request), (2) they can only be used at all with access to the server for which you’re trying to get a certificate, and (3) they presumably aren’t even valid anymore and wouldn’t be accepted by the CA!

I think the question is why running sudo certbot still apparently causes it to attempt to renew something when all of the certificates have already been deleted from /etc/letsencrypt.

(I did also think that there was a problem about log files not being created, but it looks like that was just a matter of needing to use sudo when trying to look for those files.)

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