I have problems with my cert

No, that’s not right! It’s an occasional misconception that --expand means “expand this certificate by adding these names”. It instead maintains the meaning of “expand this certificate so that it contains exactly these names, and no others”. That is, you’re still required to specify all of the names that the certificate should cover!

A corrected command is

sudo /opt/letsencrypt/certbot-auto run --cert-name shanishemer.com --expand --webroot -w /var/www/html -d shanishemer.com -d www.shanishemer.com


Hi @schoen I see

its working?

If that is all it said, change run to certonly like it says.

sudo /opt/letsencrypt/certbot-auto certonly --cert-name shanishemer.com --expand --webroot -w /var/www/html -d shanishemer.com -d www.shanishemer.com

If it worked, or when it does, you will need to

sudo service apache2 restart

or possibly

sudo service nginx restart

depending on which you use afterward to make your new certificate take effect.

Hi @Patches, thank you
it show

its working?

and I can’t restart

Unfortunately you’re redirecting to https, and Let’s Encrypt is just seeing the CloudFront error page.

Hi @Patches , so now, I need fix CloudFront ?

Go into the Amazon CloudFront control panel and change the Origin Protocol Policy to HTTP Only briefly.


Then rerun the last certbot command.

Afterward sudo service httpd restart or sudo service light restart are two more common web server names I can think of.

Finally, go set the Origin Protocol Policy back so your connection is fully secure again.

[Sorry, I hit send early on accident coming back from their documentation. :grinning:]

Hehe, thank you @Patches, I see its working now :heart_eyes:

But I still can’t restart :joy:

A couple of other possibilities.

sudo service httpd restart

sudo service lighttpd restart

[Editited to spell the second one correctly]

If none of those work you can list your system services with


or if that doesn’t work

ls /etc/init.d

and share that with us.

thank you so much :laughing:
sudo service httpd restart working

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Hi @schoen @Patches I think it has been resolved :heart:
thank both very much :tada:

I’m glad you got it working! 🤸

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