I dont know shit and will pay for help

I see that you got a wildcard certificate for otsmartrecording.net (which I presume was used to cover the internal web sites). The ONLY way to get a wildcard certificate is by using the DNS-01 challenge, which requires access to the DNS records. It's possible that was done manually (the ACME client spit out a challenge string and a human manually added it to the DNS zone) but there had to be some kind of interaction with your DNS zone, either via a human or your ACME client.


i tried doing that but everyone said that they keep saying to me that they were made without modifying the dns records, how?, idk

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When you have that discussion, you should refer people to this web page:

And note that for HTTP-01 it says:

  • Let’s Encrypt doesn’t let you use this challenge to issue wildcard certificates.

And for DNS-01 it says:

  • You can use this challenge to issue certificates containing wildcard domain names.

I see the nameservers for otsmartrecording.net are run by Cloudflare, it's possible they did the magic on the DNS zone.


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