I can't update the certificate

Today, as usual, I decided to update the certificate. But the system gave this error.

INFO: Using main config file /home/bitrix/dehydrated/config

Processing portal.ic-t.ru

What to do?

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Hi @haritonov

see your error:

Your http port is a http/2 port, that's not supported.

Remove the http/2 if it is http. You should use http/2 only with https.

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Thanks for the tip. How do I do this

You have created that mess, so you know how to fix it.

No standard setup creates a port 80 with http/2, that's your action.

I just updated CMS Bitrix to the latest version, so I don't know how to fix it.

Thanks for the tip. I solved the problem by disabling http2 on the web server.

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You have a

Server: nginx/1.14.0

so you should add http/2 with https. But not with http, your port 80 server blocks are wrong.

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