I cannot renew my certificate ubuntu ant media serwer

Importing keystore /usr/local/antmedia/live.helpkomp.pl/fullchain_and_key.p12 to /usr/local/antmedia/live.helpkomp.pl/keystore.jks...

Existing entry alias tomcat exists, overwrite? [no]: no

Enter new alias name (RETURN to cancel import for this entry): live.helpkomp.pl

Certificate stored in file </usr/local/antmedia/live.helpkomp.pl/tomcat.cer>

keytool error: java.lang.Exception: Certificate not imported, alias already exists

There is a problem in installing SSL to Ant Media Server.

Please take a look at the logs above and try to fix.

If you do not have any idea, contact@antmedia.io

please help,



As the message said, you probably should enter "yes" for that alias...


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