I cannot generate an SSL certificate using certbot

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My domain is:minhnet7845.tk:54321

I ran this command:certbot certonly

It produced this output:

You can't use an RFC1918 address for the challenge


I'm not sure there is even any address there at all.
The four authoritative nameservers seem to be offline [at least from my small window to the Internet].

minhnet7845.tk  nameserver = ns01.freenom.com
minhnet7845.tk  nameserver = ns02.freenom.com
minhnet7845.tk  nameserver = ns03.freenom.com
minhnet7845.tk  nameserver = ns04.freenom.com

and suddenly they are all responsive.
But they all say:
*** Can't find minhnet7845.tk: No answer

@satwellmann, are you sure you spelled the domain correctly?


I think he's trying to fix it. I am not getting any IP at all now either.
I was getting;

minhnet7845.tk. 300 IN A


Yeah, "freenom", ".tk", "LE" ...
Someone is really trying to learn on the cheap!
Compliments to the struggle and may you overcome it quickly.

@satwellmann, but you must understand that...
The first step in obtaining a certificate to secure a website (via HTTP authentication) is having an HTTP web site that can be reached from the Internet.

http://minhnet7845.tk/ returns nothing... It fails to connect.... It fails to even resolve to a valid IP.


I can access my website with port 54321.
Can you explain more to me?

The HTTP-01 challenge can only be done on port 80.


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