I can not get ssl key

Hello dear friends, I recently tried to log in a server Ssl I became sensitive to my work that 1000 people benefit from what I do But unfortunately, I was limited by the site to 148 hours and I can't Ssl and while many people are waiting for me, how can I solve this problem?

Sub: son.arkanet[.]mom

This work is very important for me and I should be able to solve the problem in 4 hours

Hi @Mahdi1, and welcome to the LE community forum :slight_smile:


What shows?:

certbot certificates


It just say i can not get ssl for next 7 day in this sub


Also i know i make big mistake but i cant tell to customers wait 7 days

I understand your problem.

Did you understand my request?


Yeah i understand
But what we can do?

Please start by providing the output of this command:


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Your post shows nothing :frowning:


Ok dont get angry :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Was that executed on the same system that got five certs?

Who said anything about being angry?

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I felt that you were angry, and no, this is a new virtual server, but it still gives an error

Where did you get five certs?

If you had made me angry, I wouldn't be talking to you anymore - LOL

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I was practicing different methods to provide better services. I changed about 3 or 4 servers and when I turned on the proxy in the cloud. Ssl It didn't work and this made the work to be unfinished and I had to start from the beginning Ssl I get

There are two simple ways to bypass the 7 day wait:

  • obtain a free cert from another CA
    like: ZeroSSL, BuyPass, Google, etc.

  • don't request a cert with the exact same set of name(s) on it
    the current cert has only one name - add another name and it becomes a different request

In any case, you should first TEST your plan using the test/staging environment.
When you TEST with production, these are the types of things that can happen.


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