I am Skeptical about choosing A Security Certificate For My Website

I am looking to switch to a different security certificate for my domain ReviewsDir, which currently has a standard SSL certificate. But recently, my website was constantly hit by DDoS attacks. Will a different security certificate help me in countering this issue? Or it’s whole together a different solution?

No, it won’t make any difference.


Then what is the possible solution to this?

Solutions to DDoS attacks? It depends on the specific type of attack that your site is being subjected to (volumetric, or layer 7, or …). Your web host should be able to advise you on such matters, or maybe you can ask on reddit.com/r/webhosting or somewhere where this would be on topic.

As @_az noted, DDoS attacks have nothing whatsoever to do with your security certificate. Some CDNs, however, provide DDoS prevention/mitigation services. Cloudflare, at least, has some for free; you may want to check them out.

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